Diffusion dynamics of vacancy on Re(0001),Compared with adatom


Jianyu Yang~(1,*),Wangyu Hu~2,Maichang Xu~1,Yanhui Liu~1 1 Department of Maths and Physics,Hunan Institute of Engineering,Xiangtan,411104,China 2 Department of Applied Physics,Hunan University,Changsha,410082,China


<正>It has been recognized that the properties of vacancy are especially important for the kinetic behavior of metals.In contrast to many theoretical studies of surface defects diffusions for Fcc and Bcc metals,the studies on adatoms and vacancies diffusions for Hcp metallic surfaces are very much limited.It is our aim here to provide some understanding for the dynamics of vacancy diffusion on HCP metallic surface.In the present paper,the self-diffusions of vacancy and adatom on the Re(0001) are investigated using molecular dynamics method and the embedded atom potential(EAM).


Vacancy;;Adatom;;Surface diffusion;;Molecular dynamics


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