Blue photoluminescence from crystalline silicon by He and H ion co-implantation


Mengkai Li~1,Zhuo Wang~1,Changlong Liu~(1,2,*),Junqi Liao~1,Yanyan Shen~1 1 School of Science,Tianjin University,Tianjin 300072,P.R.China 2 Tianjin Key Laboratory of Low Dimension Materials Physics and Preparing Technology, Institute of Advanced Materials Physics Faculty of Science,Tianjin 300072,P.R.China


<正>Recently,visible photoluminescence on crystalline Si at room temperature received increasing attention due to the potential application on opto-electronic devices,such as light-emitting diodes[1,2].In this study,crystalline Si samples were sequentially


blue photoluminescence;;crystalline Si;;surface damage


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