The Design Studies of Green Earthen Ceramic Glaze Column Dou-shaped Lamp


Qiang Wang~1 Wenyuan Wu~2 1 School of Art design,Jiangsu University 2 School of Art design,Jiangsu University


<正>Dou-shaped lamp originates from the evolution of living vessel which have simple shapes,is convenient to be used and has a long history.It has played an important role in the history of Chinese lamp development.This paper takes green earthen ceramic glaze column Dou-shaped lamp as an example to summarize the evolvement,development and innovation of the Dou-shaped lamp.Prospective study and practicability of the Dou-shaped lamp are appraised objectively from the aspects of the morphological analysis,elements analysis,material technics analysis and culture analysis etc.with means in design. Sustainable development concept of the modern design is discussed from the rational application of resources in Dou-shaped lamp design process,which is the externalization of the harmonious coexistence design thought.


column-shaped;;I-shaped lamp;;design


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