Homogeneous generalized yield function and limit analysis of structures with rectangular sections


Wei Ou;LuFeng Yang;Wei Zhang;


A problem for the Elastic Modulus Adjustment Procedure(EMAP)is that the limit load solution varies with the initial load when the Generalized Yield Function(GYF)is employed.To overcome this problem,we use a Homogeneous Generalized Yield Function(HGYF)-based Elastic Modulus Reduction Method(EMRM)for structures with rectangular section.The procedure for selecting fitting points from the yield surface was determined by the original generalized yield function and is presented here for the formulation of the relevant HGYF.The HGYF for rectangular section is presented based on regression analysis.The Element Bearing Ratio(EBR),the reference EBR and the uniformity of EBR for rectangular section are defined on the basis of the HGYF,the strategy of elastic modulus adjustment is proposed for the evaluation of the lower bound limit load based on deformation energy conservation principle.Numerical examples show that the proposed method can provide a promising result for limit analysis of the structures with rectangular section.


load;Homogeneous generalized yield function and limit analysis of structures with rectangular sections;


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