Intelligent Model Updating System In heterogeneous Networks


Nazim Agoulmine;Jose Neuman De Souza;Jean-pierre Claude;


<正>This paper presents the architecture and functionalities of a system that permits to update management information, represented by managed objects within the Management Information Base(MIB).These managed objects are an abstract representation of the managed resources of the network.This system interacts with the heterogeneous underlaying networks through a module called Integrator Agent.The agent prototype was developed at the MASI laboratory and its role is to hide the complexity and the heterogeneity of access to the heterogeneous underlaying resources.The model updater system also provides mechanism that permits management applications to register interest in particular changes of the state of managed objects. Part of this work was undertaken within the computing platform group of the ADVANCE project within RACE CEE programme.


Telecommunication Management Network(TMN);;Open Systems Interconnection(OSI);;Management Information Base(MIB).


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