Research on several Strategy based on Agent of intelligent function in the application


Guo-chang Li School of Economics and Management Hebei University of science&technology Shijiazhuang,Hebei Province,050018,China


Agent is an application technology of artificial intelligence,But the wrong application method hinder the practical application.Agent in the process of surrogate decide the use of intelligent function.How much intelligent function is more appropriate for Agent based on Intelligent function,how to add intelligent function within Agent what relation between Intelligent Agent and the actual proxied object,all of these affect the application of Agent.In recent year,according to application research of the Agent,Intelligent Agent and Multi-Agent System,we find out some new methods to solve the problems in applications.These methods can make users more rapid and accurate in the process of application Agent,and at the same time,these methods make the application of Agent popular.


artificial agent;intelligent function;proxied objec;intelligent agent;Multi-agent system


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