Wei Ren,Jianping Li School of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China,Chengdu


<正>With the continuous expansion of the network size, some networks gradually present the characteristics of social networks,especially,scale-free networks. At present,some theoretical studies of scale-free networks are mainly based on simulated platforms. Based on this,the question that how we fast simulate a network model possessing scale-free effects and presenting related characteristics of realistic networks in unbiased manner becomes a crucial problem.In the paper,we propose an algorithm,named RX,which can fast locate nodes to simulate a network.Then,we will analysis the characteristics of the network by experiments and compare RX's modeling time with BA's.(BA has become a popular algorithm in simulating scalefree networks.) The characteristics and the comparison can effectively prove that the algorithm we design can fast simulate scale-free networks to provide a good reference in building network models.


Social networks;;Scale-free networks;;Simulation;;RX;;BA


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