Micro-Doppler analysis of vibrating target in Bistatic Radar


Ren-fei Zhu 1,Qun Zhang 1,2,Xiao-peng Zhu 1,Ying Luo 1 1.Inst.of Telecommunication Engineering,AFEU,Shanxi,Xi'an,710077 2.Key Laboratory of Wave Scattering and Remote Sensing Information,Ministry of Education,Fudan University,Shanghai 200433,China


Bistatic radar is gaining more and more interest by the radar community over the last years,and Micro-Doppler information is regarded to be the unique features of radar's targets.In this paper,a geometric of bistatic radar and vibrating target is constructed.Then in bistatic radar system,the Micro-Doppler information reduced by vibrating structure of target is analysis via Gabor-Transform.Then we get that vibrating parts and the relationship between target and radar will modulate the micro-Doppler frequency.Lastly the simulation results validate the conclusions.


Bistatic radar,vibration;micro-Doppler;Time-Frequency analysis


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