Incentives and barriers of cleaner productionimplementation:a critical review


Y.Lan,L.Shi MEP Key Laboratory of Eco-industry,Department of Environmental Science and Engineering,Tsinghua University,Beijing,China


Since the implementation of cleaner production in China, good results have been achieved in cleaner production audit, technical standards, assessment indicator systems and system construction. Cleaner production plays an important role in energy reduction and transformation of economic growth mode. As the international situation changes, new requirements are proposed towards cleaner production. Reviewing the concept and development of cleaner production firstly, this paper points out what measures can be considered as cleaner production. Secondly, main research methods, including survey research, field research, unobtrusive research and experimental research, used in the study of cleaner production are analyzed. Finally, all sorts of determinants influencing cleaner production promotion are collected and analyzed. Future research directions of cleaner production are put forward in the end.


Cleaner production;environmental management;influence factors


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