A Game Analysis with Policy Suggestions for Safety Management of Mine Tailings Facility


Yiqing Zhao,Zhiguo Cao,Zhongxue Li,Yaqin Zhao State Key Laboratory of High-efficient Mining and Safety of Metal Mines,Ministry of Education University of Science and Technology Beijing Beijing 100083,China


According to the serious trend of dam facility accidents,the complicity actions among local government,tailings facility and community residents are analyzed.Using game theory,two mixed strategy equilibrium models are constructed using economic game theory,that is,four stakeholders of safety management for dam reservoir,which includes central government,local government,tailings reservoir and community residents,are regarded as players.One is the game model between central government,local government and tailings reservoir,the other is game model between dam reservoir and community residents.Then,the solutions for two models are analyzed and the reasons for the tailings facility accidents are studied.Lastly,the counter measures to the safety management for tailings reservoir are put forward.


Tailings facility,safety management,complicity,Nash equilibrium,corporate social responsibility


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