Numerical simulation on convection heat transfer of pulsating flow in corrugated tube


YANG Xia 1 ,MAO Zhihui 1 ,WU Yanyang 1 ,LIANG Liyun 2 ,BI Yu 31.School of Mechanical&Electrical Engineering Wuhan Institute of Technology,Wuhan 4300732.China Ship Development and Design Center,Wuhan Hubei 430064. 3.School of civil engineering,TIANJIN University,Tianjin, 300072,China.


The influence of pulsating flow on convection heat transfer in corrugated tube is studied through numerieal simulation at case of different pulsating amplitude and different. pulsating frequency.In the numerical simulation,heat transfer wall use constant wall temperature.the numerical simulation results show that pulsating flow can results in fluctuation of temperature and pressure lies on center of flow export around the steady state in corrugated tube;ompared to steady state,with the introduce of pulsating flow,the average pressure drop Pave in corrugated tube has increased with the increase of the pulsating amplitude;the average Nusselt number Nuave in corrugated tube with the introduction of pulsating flow is less than the one in the steady state,it indicate that pulsating flow can not enhance the convective heat transfer in corrugated tube.


corrugated tube;pulsating flow;convective heat transfer;numerical simulation


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