High signal-to-noise ratio gain by stochastic resonance in an unconventional bistable system


Pin Wan Faculty of Automation Guangdong University of Technology Guangzhou, China Yiju Zhan School of Engineering Sun Yat-Sen University Guangzhou, China Hui Zheng Nanjing Afounder Smart Networks Co., ltd Nanjing, China


We report that the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) can be improved by the stochastic resonance (SR) in an unconventional bistable system. The system is driven by Gaussian white noise and a sinusoidal signal, and studied by using the second-order Runge- Kutta method. We find that the SNR and the SNR gain exhibit the stochastic resonance behavior, and the SNR gain greatly exceeds unity on some occasions. This result is the latest development of the unconventional bistable stochastic resonance, and has potential applications in the signal detection, processing and communications.


unconventional bistable stochastic resonance; SNR gain; numerical simulation; nonlinearity


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