Models of Regional Agro-climatic Resources Survey and System Assessment Based on Geo-spatial Data Mining


Luming Yan School of Geographical Sciences,Fujian Normal University No.32,Shangsan Road,Fuzhou 350007,Fujian Province,China


<正>The research is to develop models for regional agroclimatic resources survey and system assessment based on geospatial data mining in Fujian Province of China.A set of average values of 30-years data in 8 agro-climatic indicators associated with geographical coordinates(collected from 71 weather stations in the province) was first processed using Statistical Analysis System(SAS) to develop a Trend-surface Analysis model.The resulting 8 equations would,then,produce estimated values for the indicators when supplying with geographical coordinates.Using the 8 equations with Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of Arc-GIS,the model would obtain estimated values for no data areas,i.e.integrated predicted grid values of Trend-surface with Residual(TSR),so as to form a distribution grid system of the provincial agro-climatic resources.At the end,the research introduced a fuzzy concept of "agro-climatic suitability" by a model which applied Fuzzy Mathematics and Factor Analysis over the indicators for assessing the agro-climatic system.The result of the model includes the agro-climatic suitability corresponding to the 8 indicators and 7 agro-climatic resources coefficients,which reveal the organic relationship between agro-climate and plant ecology.Using these models together,a series of assessments can be conducted at the grid level accuracy against a single as well as the general quantity and quality of the agro-climatic resources.In the sense of agro-climatology and physical geography,the output of the models has been well explained and will deliver backings to the regional agricultural planning and arrangement.


Agro-climatic resources survey;;Trend-surface Analysis;;Fuzzy Mathematics;;Factor Analysis;;agro-climatic suitability;;agro-climatic resources coefficient;;system assessment;;Fujian Province


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