Experimental Investigation on Thermal Conductivity of Viscoelastic-fluid-based Nanofluids


Juancheng Yang,Fengchen Li,Wenwu Zhou,Xiaobin Li,Yurong He,Yimin Huang,Baocheng Jiang School of Energy Science and Engineering,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China


A comparative research of thermal conductivity between viscoelastic-fluid-based nanofluids and water based nanofluids has been studied experimentally in the present paper.Different concentrations of viscoelastic base fluid and volume fraction of nanoparticles were matched in order to check their influence on fluid's thermal conductivity.The results showed that the viscoelastic-fluid-based nanofluids had a higher thermal conductivity than viscoelastic base fluid,and its thermal conductivity increased with increasing temperature and particle volume fraction.However,it had little relationship with the mass concentration of viscoelastic base fluids.


viscoelastic-fluid-based nanofluids; thermal conductivity; surfactant solution; experiment


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