Smoothing filter-based image fusion of object and scene


Youdong Ding,Xiaocheng Wei *School of Film&TV Arts and Technology,School of Computer Engineering and Science Shanghai University Shanghai,China Jieying Chen College of Forestry South China Agricultural University Guangzhou,China


Since the existing fusion method of object and scene that is based on IHS transform has a defect: emergence of the scene image’s illusion in target area,this paper proposes an smoothing filter-based algorithm through smoothing target areas of the hue component and saturation component of the new scene image which are used to carry out IHS inverse transform.Subjective quality evaluation and objective quality assessment data of comparative fusion experiment results show that the new algorithm not only can get rid of the drawback of the existing object-scene fusion method based on IHS transform effectively and achieve better fusion result in the application of object-scene fusion,but also performs fast.


fusion of object and scene;IHS transform;smoothing filter;fusion quality evaluation


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