A mathematical model of wake speed behind wind turbine


Runlan Huang;Xuelan Zeng;Zhi Yu;


In this paper,the wake speed EHKLQG wind turbine is calculated based on the Betz theory and Glauert vortex theory,establishing mathematical models of nearfield wake speed,far-field wake speed and turbine group's wake speed,and implementing this on MATLAB platform.On-site wind data from a wind farm in Guangdong Province and foreign country are taken as case studies to verify effectiveness of the mathematical models of near-field wake speed and far-field wake speed.The results shows that:the average error of the near-field wake speed model is 15.7%,and that of far-field wake speed model is 5.1%,to be within an acceptable range and therefore be proof of correctness of the model.


wake speed;wind turbine;near-field wake;farfield wake;mathematical model


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