Experimental study on the combustion properties of emulsified heavy-oil


Chong Wang;Hua Wang;Jianhang Hu;Daofei Zhu;Zhenkun Xiong;Hongquan Hua;Bo Li;


The combustion properties of emulsified heavy-oil has been investigated in self-designed combustion equipment,and oil-saving ratio and combustion product composition for emulsified heavy-oil were calculated.The results showed that oil-saving ratio first increased and then decreased with increasing percentage of water added,and the highest oil-saving ratio was 11.60%.The content of NOx decreased with increasing percentage of water added;the content of NOx increased with increasing air excess coefficient.For the same air excess coefficient,the content of SO2 decreased with increasing percentage of water added,it can be attributed to diluting effect of water in flue gas;for the same percentage of water added,the content of SO2 increased with increasing air excess coefficient,this was because formation mechanism and characteristics of SO2 and NOx were different.


emulsified heavy-oil;combustion properties;oil-saving ratio;combustion product composition


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