An automated method of penetration testing


Xue Qiu;Shuguang Wang;Qiong Jia;Chunhe Xia;Qingxin Xia;


An automated method of penetration testing was proposed,which is designed to solve the problems such as high cost and low efficiency in the traditional penetration testing.This method consists of two parts:the automatic generating method of the penetration testing scheme and the automatic executing method of penetration testing scheme.We design and implement an original system which can execute penetration testing automatically,it was named AEPT(automatic executing penetration testing).The system integrates the necessary functions of penetration testing and can execute the penetration testing automatically.The experimental results showed that this method can overcome the problems exist in traditional penetration testing and can dramatically improve the efficiency and the accuracy of penetration testing,greatly reduce the cost of penetration testing


penetration testing;;automatic;;method


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