The Sixth Technological Structure:Strategic Goals and Objectives for Restructuring the Global Economy in the Conditions of Recession and Economic Instability


Andrey Sosnilo;Ekaterina Solovyeva;Mikhail Kreer;Elena Zorina;


This article is devoted to the economic policy,the analysis of the concept "technological structure",understanding issues of innovative development,the role of innovations in the development of different countries during different historical eras.There are also historical parallels of innovations impact on the countries development in different historical periods;in particular this article reveals the essence of the significant economic growth that was experienced Holland.An example of the perception of ideas in the electrification of the USSR in the West and our modern perception of ideas of gradual transition to renewable energy in developed countries is given here.Suggestions are the following:to invest in the creation of NWF modern enterprises and their subsequent privatization(sale),return on invested funds for the creation of new businesses,and investment into agricultural revival.


technological structure;;innovation;;development strategy;;investment;;neoindustrialization;;industry


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