Research on the Development Policies of Modern Logistics Industrial Cluster Take Wuhu for Example


Banglei Wu;Zhiguo Yu;Yun He;


Development level of logistics industry in Wuhu is low,and there is still a huge gap between the modern logistics industry cluster.The development of industrial clusters should take the government as the leading,and the development of Wuhu manufacturing industrial cluster is in accordance with this law.The construction and development of logistics industrial cluster has to be based on the development of other industries.The level of development of other industries determines the development of the logistics industrial cluster.In the construction of modern logistics industry cluster in Wuhu,the government should pay attention to the following three aspects:first,it should strengthen the relationship between the development of manufacturing industrial clusters and the construction of logistics industrial cluster.Second,the construction of the logistics industrial cluster should break through the restriction of localization,and carry on the cross regional development.Third,it should build the logistics information platform for small and medium sized logistics enterprises.


modern logistics industrial cluster;;organizational succession;;development policies


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