Research Report on the Diversified Development Mode of Elder Support Industry in Yantai


Pingping Yang;


It is very necessary to construct a multi-level,multi-structure and multi-function elder support industry mode.In general,there are advantages and disadvantages in the development of the elder support industry in Yantai,so there are both challenges and opportunities.In the face of broad market prospects,there is regional development imbalance and imbalance of resources distribution.The development directions of elder support industry are as follows:the supply market develops in an initial stage and there is lack of market supply to a great degree.The elder support industry market develops towards subdivision and industrialization.The elder support industry has become a "sunrise industry".Quite a few domestic provinces and cities are increasing the support to elder support industry.The market supply for elder support industry has not yet formed the scale,and enterprises and merchants fail to seize this business opportunity.


Yantai;;the elder support industry mode;;development direction


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