The Study on the Financial Industry Aggregation and the Regional Economic Growth Empirical Analysis of Zhongyuan Urban Agglomeration


Ruibo Liu;Yali Li;


Zhongyuan urban agglomeration was incorporated into the new-type urbanization state plan in 2014,which will promote the rise of central China and lead the important growth pole of economic development in the Midwest.Taking financial industry agglomeration and economic characteristics of Zhongyuan urban agglomeration into account,this paper selects the relevant data from 1996 to 2013 of Zhongyuan urban agglomeration,and uses the methods of location entropy and granger causality test to find the relationship between financial industry agglomeration and regional economic growth.The results show that financial industry agglomeration has a positive effect on the overall economic growth of Zhongyuan urban agglomeration.According to the empirical results in the development status of Zhongyuan urban agglomeration,this paper put forward some advises,such as developing small and medium-sized financial institutions and internet financial institutions,playing the government of regional planning and guiding role and construction of financial background service center,accelerating the speed of Zhongyuan urban agglomeration of financial industry agglomeration,and promoting the sustainable development of regional economy.


financial industry agglomeration;;regional economic growth;;zhongyuan urban agglomeration;;location entropy


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