Measurement and Management on the Risk of Internet Finance


Xin Gao;


At present,the Internet financial,as the product of the combining traditional financial industry and Internet,is developing rapidly.Compared with traditional financial,Internet finance speed up the development of China's financial system for it can make up for the shortage of traditional financial and carry on innovation on the basis of this.But the risk on the Internet financial system is extremely complex and dangerous;strengthening preventive measures on it is an urgent affair.This article will put the Internet financial as a systematic format to evaluate the risk on it.In order to achieve this goal,we will make an empirical analysis that combined analytic hierarchy process and fuzzy mathematics.We will make a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation based on division of Internet financial risk hierarchy.The results show that the current China's Internet financial system is in a state of high risk.Some kind of risk,such as credit risk and financial business risk,become the key factors to actuate the system risk.


internet finance;;risk measurement;;risk management


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