Conflict and Coordination of Democracy and Equality under Legal Construction in China


Yiyuan Niu;


At present,in the development,democracy and equality are endowed with new,more advanced and more scientific meanings in China.They mean more extensive,more noble people's democracy,collective democracy and equality.The meaning of democracy and equality in the rule of law is different from that of sociology,economics and pol itics.The democracy in the sense of rule of law is reflected in the establishment of democratic political system and the enjoyment of democratic rights of citizens,while equality is expressed as that all people are equal before the law,that is,all Chinese citizens enjoy equal legal rights,including political rights,right of the person and property rights.Between democracy and peace are harmony and unity as a main,but also occasionally there is an inevitable conflict.Democracy and equality are a key part of legal construction and development,while the rule of law is the solution and guarantee to solve conflict between democracy and equality.


democracy;;equality;;the rule of law;;conflict


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