Innovative Exploration on the Practical Teaching Mode in Design under the New Normal Background


Yanan Yang;


Under the new normal background,people pay more attention to diversity and personalization in their value,value of life and aesthetic value.As the backbone of the cultural and creative industry,the transformation quality of the design industry is very essential.The innovative practical teaching has become the focus of the design education in colleges and universities.According to four-year teaching goals of undergraduate program an d each grade students' actual situation,three teaching modes are set in proper order in stages.In first stage(for first grade and second grade stu dents),mainly use the traditional teaching mode;mainly use the class subject learning and pro blem solving mode among third gra de students;for fourth grade students,mainly use the practical assignment participation and competitive program teaching;respectively strengthen and train the professional basic theory of first and second g rade students,ability of thinking and analysis in design of third grade students,the practical operation ability and adapta bility to changes and other comprehensive abilities of fourth grade students.


new normal;;art design;;teaching mode;;practical teaching;;tutorial system


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