The Research on the Teaching Effectiveness of the New Media Sports Teaching Mode


Li Li;


Compared to TV,Radio and Newspaper,the New Media was wildly applied on the field of business and Entertainment which was built on the base of the Digital technology,network technology,mobile technology.The New Media had a significant effect on the teaching environment,teaching content and the learning methods of the Universities.It was a big challenge for the University and Colleague to find a good way to take advantage of the New Media on the sports teaching mode and improve its good effectiveness.This thesis used the research methods of literature review and comparative analysis to give us a clear picture that how the New Media impacted the sports teaching in the university.The author concluded that if we want to improve the teaching effectiveness of the New Media Sports Teaching,we have to optimize teaching links and resources and respect the dominant position of students in the teaching process.Thus,making the full implementation of the reform on the sports teaching goal,promoting the development of sports teaching in the future.


teaching effectiveness;;New Media;;sports teaching mode


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