Discussion on Connotation and Educational Function of Music Culture in Yanzhao Area


Jing Sun;


Yanzhao culture is a kind of regional culture formed in Yanzhao area,which is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese traditional culture and bears thousands of years of development history of Chinese civilization.The formation of Yanzhao music culture has unique regional characteristics and it is formed under specific historical conditions.So deeply researching the connotation of Yanzhao music culture helps to better promote the inheritance and development of our traditional culture.This article firstly discusses the development venation of Yanzhao music culture,and then analyzes its connotation and forms,and finally deeply discusses functions that Yanzhao music culture has on modern music education.The author hopes that it can bring certain reference value to the research on Yanzhao culture.


Yanzhao music culture;;development venation;;connotation and characteristics;;educational function


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