Study on the Roles of Knowledge-enabled Human Resource in the Innovation Driven Development under the HRA View


Yehong He;


The 18 th National Congress represents clearly that scientific and technological innovation provides strategic support for raising the productive forces and boosts the overall national strength,and we must give it top priority in overall national development.To implement the innovation driven development strategy will not only have a strategic significance for China to form new advantages in the international competition and intensify the long term drive for development but also have a practical significance to improve the economic growth quality and benefit and speed up the transformation of economic development mode.The scientific and technological innovation has multiplier effects,which can be directly transformed into practical productivity also increase the overall social productivity level via the scientific and technological penetration which may enlarge the productive power of production factors.Nowadays,the hardware investment such as infrastructure has formed an initial scale in China,however,what we should not neglect is that the acceptance,fostering and excitation of knowledge-enabled human resource play an irreplaceable role in the enterprise's core competitive power and the development of regional economy.Studying how to seek,foster and excite talents under HRA view and intensifying the study on the knowledgeenabled human resource leading the innovation driven development will have a far-reaching influence to the economic and social development in China.


HRA;;knowledge-enabled human resource;;innovation driven;;economic development


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