Problems and Countermeasures for the Knowledgeenabled Human Resource Cultivated in Henan under the View of Building Central Plains Economic Region


Yehong He;


Advancing with the release of the 13 th five-year plan outline and the access to the strategic implementation stage of the Central Plains Economic Region,the economic development in Henan province,especially Zhengzhou is facing god-given development opportunities that are never seen before.Facing such opportunities and development,talents and technologies,acting as essential drives and accelerators,have to face problems increased day by day,especially to cultivate the knowledge-enabled human resource has heavier tasks with higher requirements and higher responsibilities to be taken,which has became a significant factor influencing the achievement of economic development goals.Based on the study upon economic police guide,geographical advantages,fund support and so on,this paper collects and processes relevant survey data and introduces briefly the background of the Central Plains Economic Region,deeply analyzes the status quo of human resources especially the knowledge-enabled human resource cultivation and development in Henan province which acts as the main body of the Central Plains Economic Region,and this paper gives a special study on all kinds of human resources which play key roles in the building of the Central Plains Economic Region.Meanwhile,this paper studies and borrows the regional economic constructions being done in developed and developing countries and regions at home and abroad,and finds the deficiency of human resource development in the Central Plains Economic Region and raises corresponding solutions and countermeasures.


knowledge-enabled human resource cultivated;;Central Plains Economic Region;;corresponding solutions


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