A New 1D Iodoargentate Chain Based on Heptameric Ag_7I_(13) Building Units Templated by Transition-metalcomplex Cation: Structure, Fluorescence and Visible Light Responding Photocatalytic Property


WANG Min;ZHAO Hua;School of Science, Beijing Technology and Business University;


School of Science, Beijing Technology and Business University;


Using transition-metal-complex cation as the structure-directing agent, a novel one-dimensional(1D) iodoargentate-based hybrid, namely, {[Co(2,2'-bipy)_3]_2(Ag_7I_(11))·3H_2O}_n(1) has been synthesized and structurally characterized. The interesting 1D(Ag_7I_(11))_n~(4n-) chain of 1 is constructed from a heptameric Ag_7I_(13) secondary building unit, in which abundant argentophilic interactions can be observed. Intermolecular C–H···π among [Co(2,2'-bipy)_3]~(2+) cations and C–H···I interactions between [Co(2,2'-bipy)_3]~(2+) cations and(Ag_7I_(11))_n~(4n-) chains contribute to the formation of a 3D network. The optical gap(2.58 eV) based on UV-Vis diffuse-reflectance measurement suggests the semiconductor nature of 1, which implies an efficient photocatalytic degradation activity on organic pollutants under visible light irradiation. As expected, 1 exhibits photocatalytic activity for the degradation of rhodamine B. The luminescence property was also studied.


organic-inorganic hybrid;;iodoargentate;;photocatalytic degradation


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