Does embedding in the Asia-Pacific value chain increase China’s labor productivity?


ZHANG Zhiming;ZHOU Yanxia;ZHANG Jianwu


School of Economics and Trade, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies;School of Marxism, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies;School of Economics and Trade,Guangdong University of Foreign Studies


This paper integrates the overall, forward and backward embedding of the Asia-Pacific value chain into a unified econometrical framework and examines the impact of embedding in the Asia-Pacific value chain on China’s labor productivity. The findings are as follows. In general, embedding in the Asia-Pacific value chain significantly improves China’s labor productivity. In particular, the effect of backward embedding is significantly greater than that of forward embedding. In terms of the sub-sectors, embedding in the Asia-Pacific value chain increases labor productivity in the medium-tech industries but restrains labor productivity in the low-tech industries and has no significant impact on that of high-tech ones. In addition, the effect has significant embedded object heterogeneity. Finally, after considering the threshold effect of industrial marketization, this paper finds that the better the marketization degree of the industry is, the greater the labor productivity promotion effect will be.


embedding in the Asia-Pacific value chain;labor productivity;threshold effect


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