Several thoughts on class management work of college students


Yunfei Li;Wen Yan;


in recent years, as college enrollment expands, the quality of college students is uneven. Meanwhile, the class size is also on the rise, this leading to the increase in the difficulty of class management. Thus, this paper proposes in class management of college students, it is required to enhance entrance education and initial management of college students, pay high attention to cultivation of excellent class atmosphere, spare no effort to highlight self-control function of college class, strengthen college class system construction, improve quality of college class counselor and promote scientization and standardization of college class management. At present, we are in the new period of construction of socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics. Sharp changes occur in the society. Profound changes have happened to ideology, values and life style of college students. Diversified development trend is shown. Relative to current situation of college student education, college student management problem becomes increasingly complex. Besides, college enrollment expansion results in the rise in the number of college students, and class management difficulty becomes more and more difficult. Therefore, college student managers must deeply ponder over and explore new approaches of class management of college class. Here, the author will conduct discussions form five aspects.


college student;;class management;;class atmosphere;;system construction


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