Cross-laminated Microstructure of Graceful Fig Shell


Bin Chen Xiang-he Peng Shi-tao Sun Jing-hong Fan Department of Engineering Mechanics,College of Resource and Environment Science.Chongqing University,Chongqing 400044,P.R.China


<正>The observation of Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) on a Graceful Fig's shell showed that the shell is a kind of natural bioceramic composite consisting of aragonite layers and collagen protein matrix.All aragonite layers are parallel with the surface of the shell and consist of large numbers of aragonite sheets,the thickness size of these aragonite sheets is very thin,which is about several dozen to several hundred nanometers.The observation alsc,showed that the aragonite sheets in different aragonite layers possess different orientations,which compose a kind of cross-lanlinated microstructure with a considerably larger cross angle.Based on the observation,the maximum pullout force of the chess-laminated microstructure was theoretically and ex- perimentally investigated and compared with that of parallel-laminated microstructure.It showed that the maximum pullout force of the cross-laminated microstructure is markedly larger than that of the parallel-laminated microstructure,and that the lesser sheet thickness as well as larger cross angle can increase the maximum pullout force,which endows the shell with high fracture toughness.


Graceful Fig's shell;;aragonite sheets;;cross-laminated microstructure;;maximum pullout force;;fracture toughness


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