Research Advance in Function Characteristics of Dragonfly Wings


Xiujuan Li, Luquan Ren 1Key Laboratory of Bionic Engineering (Jilin University), Ministry of Education, P.R.China 2Agricultural Engineering, Jilin University, Changchun 130025, China


The research of dragonfly wing function characteristics in recent years was reviewed and summarized. The study shows that the dragonflies (order Odonata) are supremely versatile, maneuverable fliers in nature because of the special constructions of their wings. The wings of dragonfly possess especial functions in aerodynamics, aviation, balance, wettability and anti-fatigue aspects. The first three functions focus on the mechanics of dragonfly wings and the fourth function is about of the hydrophobicity, all of these have been researched by many researchers. However, the anti-fatigue characteristics have not been further researched up to the present. This review summarizes the first four function characteristics of dragonfly wings in detail and prospects the anti-fatigue mechanism, and proposes testing method about fatigue characteristics of dragonfly wings.


Dragonfly wing, Morphology, Structure, Materials, Mechanics of flight, Wettability, Anti-fatigue


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