Hydroelastic Analysis of Flexible Floating Structures in Regular Waves


Xujun CHEN;Torgeir MOAN;Shixiao FU;Weicheng CUI;


Linear hydroelasticity is introduced to investigate the hydroelastic responses of flexible floating structures to regular waves in the frequency domain. The fluid around the floating models is assumed to be ideal and its behaviour is modelled by velocity potentials. The controlling equations are solved with Green Function method under relevant boundary conditions at the free surface condition, fixed hull surface condition, deep- water condition and far field radiation condition. Two models are used as numerical examples. Experimental results are compared with numerical results (such as the principal responses vertical displacement of different points to different incident wave circular frequencies, etc.). Fore-and-aft of the models have different maximum vertical displacements to a given incident wave. When the incident wave frequencies are close to the wet natural frequencies of the flexible modes, the vibrations or relatively large responses are found, and these modes have a great influence on the total displacement responses.


Hydroelasticity, VLFS, Flexible connector


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