The Computing Method of Artillery Prearranged Torsion Stress


Xianhui WANG;Peizhong ZHANG;


According to the prearranged torsion proceed of artillery torsion axis, the forming principal of the remainder stress was analyzed, and the method of computing stress was put forward. Using elastic mechanics theory, the stress equations, the strain equations, the stillness mechanics equations and the boundary conditions were established .The computing method in this paper is base on the process of prearranged torsion technology and mechanical theory of elasticity, totally differences with what given by drawing-based calculating books, and is different from the prearranged torsion stress curve given by textbooks. The result can be used to the analysis of stress and calculation of fatigue of a typical cannon s torsion axle, and the theory method can be referenced by the computing of the torsion axle of the same type.


Mechanism, Artillery, Stress


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