Molecular level understanding of perovskite nanostructure growth


Eiichi Nakamura;


Organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite materials have attracted much attention of scientists due to their unique optic-electrical properties [1]. High power conversion efficiency(PCE) makes it as a shining star in solar cell research. Solution-processable methylammonium lead halide perovskite(CH3NH3Pb I3 or CH3NH3 Pb I3-x Clx) have reached a PCE of 20 % through composition, morphology and interface controlling. However, its preparation remains empirical, and chemical information is lacking on how a(Pb I2)n layered crystal(PI) is converted into a cubic crystal of perovskite in the presence of MA+I–(MAI) and a polar solvent. We discuss here the mechanism of the formation of methylammonium lead(II) iodide(MAPb I3) perovsikte as sub-micron fibers and their use for nanoscale devices [2].


perovskite,nanostructure,solar cell,photodetector


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