Hydrogen sulfide and its modulatory effect upon cardiovascular diseases


DU Jun-Bao~1,TANG Chao-Shu~2 1 Department of Pediatrics,Peking University First Hospital,Beijing,China;2 Department of Physiology and Pathophysiology, Peking University Health Science Center,Beijing,China


<正>It was noticed that hydrogen sulfide(H_2S)actually exhibited significantly cardiovascular pathophysiogic activities.In order to demonstrate that H_2S is a new cardiovascular gasotransmitter and to therefore explore the pathological functions of a new gasotransmitter which exists in the body,a series of profound studies have recently been put forward focusing on the simple molecular gas H_2S which had been considered as a waste gas in the past. In our studies,we investigated the distribution and metabolism of the H_2S/CSE pathway,as well as its cardiovascular effects and mechanisms under both physiological and pathological conditions.We discovered that H_2S displayed an important biological effect upon the significant inhibition of the vascular SMC proliferation and the inhibitory effect is mediated by the down-regulation of the MAP kinase pathway.We found that the important role of endogenous H_2S in the development of pulmonary hypertension,hypertension,shock and myocardial ischemia,and atherosclerosis,etc.According to the research,we found that NO,CO and H_2S actually show certain interregulation in the pathogenesis of vascular injury diseases such as pulmonary hypertension,etc.The above findings indicated that a novel endogenous gasotransmitter H_2S performed a generalized regulatory effect on the cardiovasculature and cardiovascular diseases.


hydrogen sulfide;;cardiovascular disease;;distribution;;metabolism


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