Research on Multi-level Fuzzy Evaluation for Safety of Floating Bridge in Complicated Engineering Environment


Yinzhi Zhou;Jianping Wang;


In this paper, according to the characteristics such as great traffic throat role, obvious target and easy-to-expose, and poor protection ability of the floating bridges established in wartime and on the basis of comprehensively analyzing all risk factors affecting the floating bridges, a floating-bridge safety evaluation indexes system and a grey matter-element evaluation model 41 specific factors in the complex environment containing are established using enemy's threat, commanding decision, river environment, personnel's operation, equipment's quality, load passing and other risk factors encountered by the floating bridges as the primary indexes. Then, a safety evaluation is made in combination with a floating bridge setting-up case, thus drawing up a conclusion that the safety of this floating bridge is in a moderate state. Meanwhile, the main factors affecting the safety of the floating bridges are determined, thus providing certain references for the safety evaluation of other engineering.


Floating Bridges;;Safety Evaluation,Complex Environment,System Engineering,Multi-level Fuzzy Evaluation


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