The relationship between self-reported health and social participation of the Chinese elderly: evidence from CLHLS


LU Jiehua;LI Yue;ZHENG Bing


Department of Sociology, Peking University;Department of Sociology, Peking University;School of Economics and Management, Zhejiang Sci-tech University


There has been an agreement among international communities that social participation of aged people can actively cope with the issue of population ageing. However, most of the previous studies mainly focus on how social participation affecting health, little attention has been paid to the bi-directional relationship between them. Using the data of the Chinese Longitudinal Healthy Longevity Survey (CLHLS), this paper explores this question using the Logit and fixed effect models. After controlling confounding factors, the model results show that there is significant bi-directional relationship between self-report health (SRH) and social participation of the Chinese elderly. It is suggested that those older adults who report good SRH have a 22.0%–40.1% higher odds ratio of engaging in social participation than those who have poor SRH. Older adults who are engaged in social participation have a 16.4%–25.6% higher odds ratio of reporting good SRH. The influence of SRH on social participation might be larger than that of social participation on SRH. Besides, the results reveal that the impact of social participation on SRH is more effective among the elderly who report good SRH in base period.


social participation;self-reported health;bi-directional causal relationship;Logit model;fixed effect model


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