The impact of household registration system reform on population migration to big cities in China: an empirical study based on 2000–2014 panel data of urban China


YANG Xiaojun


School of Economics, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law


One of the major purposes of the household registration system ( hukou) reform is to promote population migration to the big cities by removing urban-rural hukou barriers and administrative intervention mechanism of resources allocation through abolishing the resident special status and lowering the settlement threshold in the big cities. This paper analyzes the impact of hukou reform on population migration using urban panel data from 2000 to 2014 from 123 big cities in China at the national level and by city size and region. The results show that implementation of unified reform of the household registration management system and the house or regular income based settlement policy can attract population migration to the big cities at the national level. At the city level, the hukou reform has significant positive impact on population migration for cities below 2 million people. At the regional level, an increasingly stronger impact is observed from the eastern to the western region.


household registration system;household registration system reform;big city;the inflow of migrants


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