Impact of adult-child migration on health of rural elderly parents


SHU Binbin;TONG Yuying


Department of Sociology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong;Department of Sociology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong


Existing studies on the impact of adult-child migration on health of the left-behind elderly are not consistent. Using two waves of China Family Panel Studies data (CFPS 2010 and 2012), this paper reexamines the impact of migration of adult children on the health of the left-behind elderly in rural China, and investigates if the role of family support is an important mechanism. To account for the potential selection bias, propensity score matching analysis is conducted for robust check. Results indicate that adult children’s migration was detrimental to the rural elderly’s health. The lack of care support and emotional support due to child migration primarily accounted for this negative effect. We did not find the critical role of economic support on the health of elderly parents, probably because it cannot be easily transformed into healthy benefits.


Adult-child migration;left-behind elderly;health status;family support


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