Impact of urban public resources on migration decision of rural children in China


SONG Yueping;XIE Zhuoshu


Center for Population and Development Studies, Renmin University of China;School of Sociology and Population Studies, Renmin University of China


Children’s migration, as the central part of family migration, is subject to the availability of public resources in cities. Restricted by household registration system, urban public resources and services remain to be the barrier to various degrees of the accessibility of children of migrant population. Therefore, exploring the effects of the urban public resources, especially education and medical resources, on the decisions about rural children’s migration is of much significance to the understanding of the process of family migration for migrant population in China and policy-based demands. This paper matches relevant data about medical and educational resources in cities nationwide for the year 2014 on the basis of individual data from national dynamic monitoring survey of migrant population directed by the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China in the same year, and builds the models of contributing factors to the migration of rural children. The results show that the quantity and accessibility of urban public resources have significant influences on the decisions about rural children’s migration. For children in different age groups, migration behaviors rely on different types of public resources. The restrictions of household registration system remarkably reduce the driving force of urban public resources on rural children’s migration.


children’s migration;family migration;educational resources;medical resources


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