Family care arrangements and policy needs of preschool children in China: an analysis based on multiple data sources




Department of Social Work and Social Policy, Nankai University;Department of Sociology, Nankai University


Based on multiple survey data, the paper analyzes the situations and characteristics of family care arrangements for children aged 0–5 in China. Conducted by different organizations between 2010 and 2014, the multiple surveys show high childcare deficits, heavy burdens of mothers, imbalanced responsibility between motherhood and fatherhood, and a high proportion of childcare by grandparents. These problems not only directly affect the healthy growth of children, women’s employment and development, and the quality of family life, but also affect the implementation of the two-child policy. One of the key reasons of these problems is the lack of institutional support for childcare, particularly the shortage of formal care for children under 3 years old. “Work-family” balance has become a universal and rigid social need. From a macro point of view, childcare is a necessary condition for population reproduction. From the perspective of family policy, it is necessary to extend the paternity leave and parental leave, to develop formal care services for children aged 0–3, and to promote the balance between work and family for childcare givers.


childcare;family care;formal care;family policy


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