Population control in China’s megacities: theoretical analysis and reflection


TONG Yufen


School of Labor Economics, Capital University of Economics and Business


Urban population control in China has been carried out for many years. However, there are a number of academic issues associated with the deficiency of basic theories of population control system, which leads to lack of consensus on some basic problems. Based on review and analysis of literature, this study proposes some thoughts on the domestic urban population regulation through logical deduction and theoretical derivation methods. Regarding the controversy on whether the government should direct in population regulation, this work has identified a number of weakness and limitations of resources in megacities, which can be caused by the failure of market mechanism, urban diseases of megacities and demographic factors. In fact, the reduction of urban population growth is achieved by government regulation instead of market conduct, which verifies the effect of government regulation in urban population control. Meanwhile, a number of problems that should be noticed have been listed including the diversity of population regulation target ( instead of the simple theory of population determinism), the failure of market mechanism, the coordination of industry layout and population, the avoidance of direct administrative intervention in population regulation, and the legal means in urban governance controls.


megacity;population control;population dispersal


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