Social participation profile of the Chinese elderly in the context of active aging: patterns and determinants




Population Development Studies Center, Renmin University of China;School of Sociology and Population Studies, Renmin University of China


Based on elderly adults’ involvement in economic, social, political and family activities, we use data from China Longitudinal Aging Social Survey (CLASS) in 2014 to examine their patterns of social participation by latent class analysis. We identify three active modes: high participation type, low participation type and family care type, which are consistent with the characteristics of family culture in China. Multinomial Logistic regression analysis is further adopted to investigate the association between their participation patterns and individual, social, economic and environmental factors. Results suggest that the influential framework can explain the differences in types of participation patterns. In order to improve the internal and external abilities of the older adults in social participation, we should develop lifelong education, strengthen the capacity of social organizations, improve the elderly-age service system, and establish an age-friendly environment. Particularly, we should pay attention to the needs of socially vulnerable elderly groups to build society for all ages and promote healthy aging and active aging.


active aging;older adults;social participation;latent class analysis


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