Rural aging and rural spatial evolution: spatial development in aging of rural China at township level


WANG Hongxia


Institute of Economics, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences


From the perspective of rural micro-space development, this paper studies the spatial development of the aging of rural China and its possible impact. Based on the rural township data, it finds that more than 78% villages have become the aging society. What is striking is that many villages are experiencing deep and even super aging. Using the Theil index, it shows that aging of rural China is characterized by the bigger intra-regional than inter-regional heterogeneity. In general, the distribution of the elder population in most rural areas is more scattered. It argues that the three factors including the degree of aging, the distribution of the rural elder population, and the rural development are critical to the spatial effect of rural aging. With the evolution of the distribution of the rural elder population and the rapid development of population aging in the villages, policy-makers should pay more attention to the aging process of the shrinking villages and the development of the villages with deep or super degree of aging, in order to better plan and deal with the spatial-economic challenges brought by the rural aging process.


aging of rural China;rural development;spatial evolution;rural township data


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