Promoting the construction of social policy as a discipline in sociology


LI Qiang


Department of Sociology, Tsinghua University


This paper reviews the restoration and reconstruction of Chinese sociology and points out that there are obvious deficiencies in the construction of the social policy discipline in the past. Through the comparative analysis of four models of international social policy intervention, it highlights the great significance of social policy research for the development of the Chinese society. This paper analyzes the problems of social construction, social system, institutional innovation in the social domain and social governance, which are all in the scope of social policy. The development, reform and innovation of the above-mentioned sectors need to deal with and solve the corresponding questions and problems through the introduction of social policies and the adjustment of social policy variables. This paper also analyzes nine areas in which China’s social policies should focus, and proposes that in order to promote the construction of the social policy discipline in China, much effort is needed to make advancement in improving teaching materials and the curriculum system, recruiting talents, offering career services, and cultivating relations with related disciplines, as well as consolidating the disciplinary institutions.


social policy;social policy discipline;sociology;social policy influence;intervention ability of social policy


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