Zhao Weulie; Yu Jin(Obstetrical and Gynecological Hospital of Shanghai Medical University, Shanghai 200011, China)


According to a random distribution table, 60 cases of scanty menstruation patients were evenly divided into 3 groups: A) estrin (n = 20), B) acupuncture (n = 20), and C) acupuncture +estrin (n = 20) for comparing their therapeutic effect. Results showed that after treatment, 5 cases in estrin group, 12 cases in acupuncture group and 14 cases in acupuncture + estrin group respectively had an ovulation response. Statistical analysis displayed significant differences between acupuncture group or acupuncture + estrin group and estrin group. (P < 0.05, P <0.05 ); and between acupuneture and acupuncture + estrin groups in the estradiol level of the early phase of follicles in patients with ovulation and without ovulation (P < 0. 05, P < 0.01 ). The fact indicates a close interrelation between acupuncture-induced ovulatory effect and the estradiol level of the patient's body.


Scanty menstruation Acupuncture therapy Combined use of acupuncture and drug Adolescence


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