A survey of acupuncture effect on the result of invitro fertilization


Sepideh Peyvandi;Samaneh Rokhgireh;Nadali Esmaeeli;Tehran Medical University;


Tehran Medical University;


Objective This study was made to evaluate the effect of acupuncture on fertilization results in the patients undergoing medical treatment with IVF. Methods This study was conducted on 164 infertile patients who had referred to the infertility clinic of Imam Khomeini Hospital in 2009–2010(82 patients in acupuncture group and 82 in control group). In the acupuncture group, before embryo transfer on oocyte puncture day, 2 days after puncture and one cycle before embryo transfer the patients were put under electroacupuncture on the Bǎihuì(百会 GV 20), Yāoyángguān(腰阳关 CV 3), Tàichōng(太冲 LR 3), Nèiguān(内关 PC 6), Sānyīnjiāo(三阴交 SP 6), Guīlái(归来 ST 29), Zúsānlǐ(足三里 ST 36), and Hégǔ(合谷 LI 4) for three times each for 25 minutes. The points on ears include nèi Shēngzhíqì(内生殖器 TF 2), and Shénmén(神门 TF 4). The control group received no acupuncture. Positive pregnancy test, clinical pregnancy, ongoing pregnancy were compared between the two groups. Results Pregnancy level in the acupuncture group were 34 pregnancies(41.5%) as compared to 21(25.6%) in the control group(P<0.05).Observation level of gestational sacs in the 5th week of pregnancy included 31(37.8%) and 17(20.7%) sacs in the acupuncture and control groups, respectively(P<0.05).Level of ongoing pregnancies after 12 weeks included 21(21.6%) and 12(14.6%) pregnancies in the acupuncture and control groups, respectively(P>0.05). Conclusion Acupuncture will considerably improve the result of IVF as compared to the control group.


invitro fertilization;;embryo transfer;;acupuncture


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